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    Operating as a non-profit NGO, the Daara de Malika faces significant financial expenditures involving: food, healthcare, housing, and clothing costs for children; monthly allowances for staff members; transportation costs for running errands and so on; building maintenance and upkeep; communications; and secretarial work. These operational costs are continually on the rise as a result of increased enrolment at the school and the soaring cost of living. 

    Financial Assistance 

    The Daara de Malika depends upon the following sources of financial assistance for its successful and continued functioning: 

    Child Sponsorship and Donations 

    Why offer your financial support in this way?

    • To support this organisation in its efforts to stop child exploitation, promote children’s rights and access to healthcare and education, and provide children with the knowledge and skills that will allow them to contribute to the sustainable development of their country.
    • To foster a culture of peaceful coexistence and contribute towards improved intercultural understanding by developing new bonds of solidarity between the rich and poor and amongst those of different cultures, beliefs, and backgrounds.


    Fundraising Activities 

    The Daara de Malika relies on raffles, charity dinners, bazaars, and other activities to generate further revenue. 

    Who Benefits From Your Support? 

    Contributions to the Daara de Malika go towards helping the organisation provide a safe home and quality education to at-risk children hailing from some of the most hopeless situations and desperate backgrounds. Many of these children grew up begging and fending for themselves in the brutal streets of Dakar, and without your contribution this organisation would not be able to rescue them from their lives of misery, exploitation, suffering, and abuse.  

    How is Your Contribution Used? 

    Contributions to the Daara de Malika are used for the upkeep and development of this school, home, and rescue centre for street children. Such undertakings include: the provision of food, housing, healthcare, and clothing for children; the purchase of scholastic material and athletic equipment; monthly allowances for volunteer personnel as well as salaries for professional training instructors; the upkeep and renovation of school installations; the construction of new buildings to help improve and expand the school’s services, such as a Community Multimedia Training Centre, pottery, ceramic, and painting workshops, housing facilities for volunteers and instructors, and so on. 

    The publication “Letter to the Friends of the Daara de Malika” is sent annually to all donors and benefactors. It contains information about the Daara’s ongoing programmes and services as well as its recent projects and accomplishments. 

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