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The Daara de Malika is a fully-independent, non-profit NGO that depends upon the ongoing support and generosity of its private and institutional partners.

    We need your help! 

    There are many ways to collaborate with us, whether you wish to act as an individual or as part of a business or organisation: 

    Institutional Support: This form of assistance is more structural and durable in nature and can be given in the form of regular financial contributions or by donating supplies (food, clothing, scholastic materials, etc.) 

    Individual Sponsorship: The costs associated with sponsoring a child at the Daara de Malika amount to approximately 150,000 Francs CFA per year. This sponsorship begins when the child enters school and lasts for the entire six year duration of his primary school studies. 

    Financial Support: Financial donations greater than 16,500 Francs CFA (€25) as well as gifts of supplies or materials are greatly appreciated. 

    Volunteer Work: To become a volunteer at the Daara de Malika, you should send a letter of motivation along with your CV to the following address at least six months prior to your desired departure: daaramalika@gmail.com.

    We may be contacted for more information at daaramalika@gmail.com.                                   

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