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Professionnal Training Programs


The Daara de Malika offers professional training programmes in a wide variety of trades in order to:

  • Foster a sense of creativity among today’s youth
  • Develop skills and competencies relating to daily life
  • Provide access to successful careers in growing fields of work
  • Offer a second chance to those unable to complete their primary studies

    With the assistance of a professional artist from the renowned Tapestry Factory in Thiès, Senegal, a series of tapestry-weaving classes got underway following the construction of a workshop on Daara grounds in March 2007.  

    Three other workshops, focusing upon traditional weaving, pottery and ceramics, and glass painting, will also begin once the necessary financial support has been obtained. 

    These professional training programmes also act as lucrative fundraising activities for the Daara de Malika, for the various artisanal products are sold in order to ensure the Daara’s financial sustainability and to improve the quality of life of the children

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