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    The Daara de Malika works towards the active elimination of all forms of child exploitation in the streets of Senegal. It provides homeless children, formerly forced to spend their days begging alone in the streets, with a positive and caring environment in which they receive access to:

    a basic education,

    a rich and nutritious diet,

    a clean and comfortable home,

    quality medical attention,

    and a general professional training

    – in short, all the elements required to guarantee the complete social rehabilitation

    of these at-risk children. 

    The school relies on several revenue-generating activities to ensure its ability to operate as a financially-autonomous and self-sustaining non-profit organisation. Such projects include a fully-functional poultry farm, woodworking shop, and health clinic, which provides medical care to the children of the Daara as well as to the local community. 

    At the request of its founders, the Daara has been managed by the Senegalese chapter of the Association internationale francophone des aînés (AIFA) since February 2005. This organisation has undertaken the challenging task of revitalising the Daara after its temporary closure in 2004, an event brought about by a combination of mismanagement and a lack of financial resources. 


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