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Thank you for your amazing support during the Ebony-Ivory Festival! It was a big success!

-All the Ebony-Ivory Team

Ebony-Ivory Artistic Festival
Supported by
by Dean Bergeron, World Paralympics Champion 

The Event 

The Ebony-Ivory Artistic Festival is a tribute to cultural diversity within the city of Quebec. Aiming to use the arts as a means to promote cultural exchange, we have organised a concert gala to be held on Saturday, June 27, 2009 at 8 p.m. at the Impérial de Québec Theatre. Sharing the stage for this special event will be a wide variety of artists exhibiting their different styles, sounds, and backgrounds.   

All profits from this event will be donated to the Daara de Malika, a non-profit organisation that actively works towards the elimination of child exploitation in the streets of Senegal by offering at-risk children a safe home and school environment. The volunteers of the Daara, who themselves hail from a diverse mixture of countries and cultures, have called upon many different artists to harness the power of intercultural openness, understanding, and solidarity for this worthy cause. Many unique styles, beats, and rhythms will be on display during this event, ranging from traditional Québécois folk music to fiery tropical beats, and from hip-swinging Latino dance to vibrant African drumming. On this night, those of us in the city of Quebec will be singing and dancing for Senegal! 


The following artists will be performing live on-stage: 

Gage (Soul Rebel)

Lorraine Klaasen (One of Nelson Mandela’s favourite singer)

Haingo (Singer)

Salsa Attitude (Dance group)

Olivier Cheuwa (Singer)

Guillaume Wagner (Québécois humorist)

Daron et Shoboyz (Hip-Hop)

Ébène (Singer)

JAM’IN (Dance group)

And more! 

Additional Information

Ticket Price: $20 (plus administrative costs)

Contact: 1-581-999-2002 or ebeneivoire2009@gmail.com

Thank you for your support! We are counting on your presence to make this event a success!

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